Chinese Decors

Challenges Faced By Chinese Decors

  • Limited online customer reach.
  • Website was outdated and didn't work well on phones.
  • Low customer engagement on the website
  • Difficulty showcasing diverse wall canvas art effectively

How We Addressed These Challenges

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of Chinese Decors' online presence and identified key areas for improvement. Our team implemented a modern and responsive website design, showcasing their diverse wall canvas art through an intuitive and visually appealing layout. Custom features were added to enhance user experience and engagement. 

Results and Impact

  • Increased website traffic by 40% within the first month.
  • Customers are interacting and engaging a lot more.
  • We made the website easier to use for mobile users
  • They got more messages & calls from people who liked their work.
  • Saved 40% on marketing expense with improved results

Potential Value Added To the Business

The redesigned website not only addressed existing challenges but also added significant value to Chinese Decors' business. The improved online presence led to a 40% increase in website traffic, ensuring a broader reach and increased brand visibility. The enhanced user engagement and simplified inquiry process contributed to improved customer satisfaction and boosted conversion rates.


Owner of Chinese Decors
The new website is amazing! We get more calls and messages from people who love our wall canvas art. Thanks to John Website Design for making it happen!
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