China Food Court

Challenges Faced By China Food City

  • Low online visibility and engagement for China Food City.
  • Poor representation of diverse culinary offerings.
  • Lacking unique and custom pages for different food stalls.
  • Missing online ordering & payment POS.
  • Missing QR Code Scan for menu and fast checkout.
  • Poor showcasing of the variety of food stalls and cultural experiences.

How We Addressed These Challenges

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of China Food City's online presence, identifying key areas for improvement. We implemented a modern and visually captivating website design, ensuring a seamless representation of the diverse culinary experiences available. Unique and custom pages were crafted for each food stall, allowing for personalized showcases. Additionally, we integrated an online ordering & payment POS system, complete with QR code scanning for menus, enabling fast and convenient checkouts.

Results and Impact

  • Significant increase in online visibility and engagement.
  • Revitalized website design reflecting the rich culinary diversity.
  • Enhanced representation of food stalls leading to increased user interest.
  • Successful implementation of online ordering & payment POS.
  • Efficient QR Code Scan for menus and fast checkouts.
  • Positive feedback and increased foot traffic to China Food City.

Potential Value Added To the Business

The redesigned website not only addressed existing challenges but added substantial value to China Food City's business. The enhanced online representation led to a 40% increase in online engagement, showcasing the diverse culinary offerings and attracting a broader audience. Positive feedback and increased foot traffic have contributed to elevating China Food City as a premier destination for culinary exploration. The implementation of online ordering and QR code scanning has streamlined the customer experience, resulting in higher satisfaction and repeat business.

Wei Zhang

Management at China Food City
The redesigned website has significantly boosted our online presence and created a vibrant digital space for showcasing the diverse culinary experiences at China Food City. We are delighted with the positive impact it has had on our business!
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