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Having an eCommerce store allows you to increase your product/service offering, grow your business, attract new clients, and diversify your sales. It’s the perfect approach to transform your business from a typical brick-and-mortar store to a cutting-edge, well-known one.

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eCommerce template
Service Template

Services And Agency

By having a website, you will build creditability and trust by having a strong online presence. Your potential clients can view and access information regarding your services and business, which can make or break for generating more sales.

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Real Estate & Renting

An easy-to-use platform for selling, buying, and renting real estate properties online for clients or consumers. With this, you can gain more exposure and reach new potential clients, and you will help build your creditability.

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Real Estates Template
Restaurant Template

Restaurant & Fast Food

By setting up a restaurant website, you have control over the image of your restaurant. You are in control of telling your story, in your own words, rather than letting a third party do it for you.  Potential customers will get an ideal sense of who you are and the atmosphere your restaurant give.


Construction & Contractor

The construction and contractor industries are competitive. There is a lot of information you can provide on your website about your business, including how long it has been around, what kind of experience you have, and the specific services you provide. The website can also show pictures of your completed projects, as well as online testimonials and reviews to attract new clients

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Construction Template
Blog Template

Niche Blog

B2B marketers who take advantage of blogs generate 67% more leads than those who don’t, and a blog is ranked 5th more trusted than any other source of online information. The most basic purpose of blogs is to establish your online presence, demonstrate your industry expertise, and attract quality leads.

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Portfolio Website

It is more important than ever to have a professional online presence, and an online portfolio can certainly increase your visibility and credibility. Having a portfolio website allows you to show off your work easily and attract employers.

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Portfolio Template 7