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Web Design & Google Ads PPC: Thai Massage Therapy

Thai Massage Therapy Website Design

Case Study: Thai Massage Therapy Web Design & Google Ads PPC


In this case study, we explore our successful website redesign and Google Ads recovery project for a Thai Massage Therapy business located in Ellington. The client's existing website faced issues with both design and Google Ads suspension, impacting her online presence and marketing efforts.

The Challenge:

Our client, a Thai Massage Therapy expert, approached us with two critical challenges:

  1. Website Redesign: Her existing website needed a modern and minimalistic redesign to better reflect her brand and services.
  2. Google Ads Suspension: Her Google Ads account was suspended, hindering her marketing campaigns and the ability to attract new clients.

Our Approach:

1. Website Redesign:

Understanding the client's preference for minimalistic design, we created a clean and elegant website. Key aspects of our approach included:

Mobile-Centric Design: Recognizing the importance of mobile traffic in attracting clients, we prioritized a mobile-responsive design to ensure an optimal user experience on smartphones.

Clean Aesthetics: We used a white background and smooth fonts to achieve the minimalistic style that the client desired, providing a serene and inviting online environment.

2. Google Ads Recovery and New Campaign Setup:

We took a proactive role in resolving the Google Ads suspension issue:

Communication with Google: Our team engaged directly with Google to address the suspension, ensuring timely and effective communication to resolve the matter.

Campaign Setup: Once the suspension was lifted, we swiftly set up a new Google Ads campaign tailored to the client's goals and target audience.

The Result:

Our website redesign and Google Ads recovery efforts yielded significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Online Presence: The refreshed website not only met the client's design preferences but also improved user engagement and navigation, positively impacting her online presence.
  • Mobile Excellence: Prioritizing mobile design paid off, ensuring that the client's website ranks well in mobile search results, crucial for attracting local clientele.
  • Google Ads Success: With the suspension lifted and a new campaign in place, the client's marketing efforts regained momentum, leading to increased visibility and inquiries.

Client Feedback:

The project's success was celebrated when the client personally met our team upon project completion. Her satisfaction with the website and Google Ads recovery efforts reaffirmed the value of our services.


Our website redesign and Google Ads recovery project for the Thai Massage Therapy business in Ellington exemplify our commitment to delivering tailored solutions. By focusing on design preferences, mobile optimization, and effective communication with Google, we helped our client rejuvenate her online presence, ensuring her services reach those in need.

This case study serves as a testament to our dedication to client success and our ability to overcome challenges effectively, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.


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September 08, 2023