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Case Study: Bundon Broadway Website Design

Bundon Broadway Restaurant

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, dumplings are a popular choice for many people. At Bundon Broadway Chinese Restaurant, they specialize in creating mouth-watering dumplings of all kinds. Our team had the pleasure of working with the restaurant to create a website that would accurately reflect their delicious menu and inviting atmosphere.

One of the key challenges we faced was integrating a third-party ordering system into the website. With the help of our experienced team, we were able to seamlessly connect the ordering system to the website, allowing customers to easily place their orders online. In addition, we worked closely with the owner to ensure that the menu was prominently displayed and easy to navigate, showcasing the variety of dumplings and other dishes offered by the restaurant.

We also wanted to make sure that the website design was clean, simple, and inviting, reflecting the warm and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. With this in mind, we worked to create a visually appealing design that highlighted the main selling points of the restaurant. This included using high-quality images of the food and restaurant, as well as incorporating user-friendly features like an interactive map and easy-to-use contact form.

Overall, our team is proud to have worked on the Bundon Broadway Chinese Restaurant website, creating a site that accurately reflects the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. Whether customers are looking to dine in or place an online order for takeout, the website makes it easy and convenient to do so.

Bundon Broadway Dumpling Website Design

... we worked to create a visually appealing design that highlighted the main selling points of the restaurant and its atmosphere.

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Bundon Broadway Dumpling House


Graphic design, Web Design, App Integration


August 10, 2019